About Our Brand

Get Me Socks is here to brighten your day—and your outfit—with fun, wacky, crazy socks! Our goal is to bring your everyday style up a notch and to bring you joy with our funky sock collection.

We believe that just because your socks are an everyday staple, doesn’t mean that they have to be a boring and unexciting part of your wardrobe. We are here to shake up your sock game, by introducing bold ideas to the market with our approach to sock fashion and style, and going all out with design pieces that pack a loud punch.

Get Me Socks sells high-quality socks that keep your toes happy and toasty all day and all night, at home or out on the town. With our unique designs and craftsmanship, we are spreading that kooky sock love to you and to all our customers, who we regard as a part of our colorful sock family.

We want your sock drawers to be as colorful as you and as dynamic as life as we know it. So come and enjoy our styles and prints. Whether you are looking for fun patterns, wild colors, and amusing cartoony designs, we have got something to amuse and delight you.

Check out our online collection. We are inviting you to become a part of our Get Me Socks family and to spread the joy by rocking some quirky, badass socks!